Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Parkdale Liberatin Front Presents: Building for the Future


The Parkdale Liberation Front presents:

Building for the Future

As the consequences of Global Warming, Global Dimming, the Acidification of the Oceans accelerate our children and grand children will be confronted with some hard choices on how to provide shelter, food and security for themselves and their families. Let's begin this series with shelter:

This simple serviceable structure has been in use for thousands of years. Its chief selling feature is its portability. A modest size tepee say for a family of four is easy transported on a hand pulled cart or a trapois.

Similar to the tepee. Easy to erect and transport.

Estimates vary but it is probably fair to say, with failure of Kyoto and Durban, that by the turn of the century the earth will be able to support a human population of about 100 million individuals (current earth population 9 billion). In the unlikely event you are able to find a stable, defensible location the log cabin has been a practical solution to shelter for thousands of years.


This an early example circa the 2nd century of the Common Era of an obstacle meant to keep out hostile groups. While quite a large undertaking such an endeavour may be necessary as wave upon wave of starving humanity moves into the cooler more habitable areas of the northern hemisphere.

Coming soon in this series:

Edible insects and fungi
If you have a pet you have protein
Cannibalism, simple and nutritious recipes for the family on the run
Composting the dead
How the barter system works

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