Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Parkdale Liberation Front: Christmas Wish List


Dear Santa, honest we’ve been good kids, so here’s what we’re asking for:

1.  A reduction in the Infant Mortality Rate amongst First Nations to the Canadian National Average.

2.  Roll back funding on diseases of choice to fully fund research to combat Childhood Diseases.

3.  Ten percent of Children in Canada live in poverty. Twenty five percent of First Nations Children in Canada live in poverty. Who thinks that these kids are lazy, no good leeches on the public dime? Raise your hand. Right, point taken it’s the lazy, no good parents’ fault. Thank you, put your hand down. Go and flush yourself down a toilet. Shame on you. Please Santa, end Childhood Poverty.

Santa, we know you’ll try really hard to deliver. Now, if you’re not too busy we’d also like a new Xbox and an IPod and whatever else is on sale at Future Shop. We’d like some chocolate candy and some new clothes from Old Navy and H& M and other cool places. We’d like a gift coupon for McDonald's. We’d like a moratorium on homework and ever having to think about the ten million children who die of starvation worldwide every year.

Thanks Santa

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