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Volume 3 Issue No. 2

Toronto photographer Phil Brown has sent TVFP this evocative picture. We particularly like Mr. Brown's creation of a powerful narrative within a single frame.


Image by Miko Maciaszek

TVFP recommends this article written for the Globe and Mail by Wendy McLeod MacKnight. She eloquently describes the rediscovery of her true vocation. Inspiring stuff.

Direct Link to the Globe and Mail article. 



TVFP applauds the entrepreneurial spirit of this Parkdale based online business. HEARTCOEUR is succeeding in a niche market by providing highest quality vegan cosmetic products:

HEARTCOEUR vegan cosmetics is featured in this edition of Inside Toronto


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TVFP recommends a visit to this website to discover the intriguing art of Bill Penner:


TVFP presents:

The Remarkable History of Parkdale

You can find this wall art on The Milky Way

We now continue with our  introduction to the remarkable history of Parkdale. In this installment we explore Parkdale's connection to the Old Testament.

TVFP lives near Queen and Dufferin in one of those old brick and post and beam factories converted into loft apartments. In the Old Days Queen Street was called Lot Street.  

You remember Lot.  

One day Lot had this hot real estate tip and he decided to move to Sodom. After Lot had been in Sodom for awhile some of Angels of the Lord came to the city and Lot had them over for dinner.

Just when they’re sitting down to eat all the men of Sodom, all the male Sodomians came over to Lot’s place and they said, hey Mr. Lot, send out those Angels of the Lord!

Lot said, what for? 

The Sodomians replied, we want to talk to the Angels of the Lord.  

Lot, thinking fast on his feet, said, I’ll send out my daughters instead! 

Ruth and Rachel, Lot’s daughters went, Daaad!

The Sodomiams said, no, we want to talk to the Angels of the Lord or we’ll break the door down. 

The Angels of the Lord said, look Lot don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

And so it came to pass that the Angels of the Lord went outside and they temporarily blinded all the Sodomians so that they couldn’t find the door to break in. All of a sudden there were all these Sodomians milling around and bumping into each other going where’s the door, where’s the door!

Later some of the Angels of the Lord went around talking to the Sodomians' neighbours in Gommorah. That really annoyed the Lord and he decided to nuke Sodom and Gommorah.


Lot got out of town just in time with his daughters and his wife. Unfortunately Mrs. Lot ended up as a pillar of salt in the style of Alberto Giacometti.


TVFP on International Affairs

Recently the Empress of India wrote to TVFP with a pleasant anecdote she told over a supper engagement with the 2nd Reich in which Prince Otto von Bismarck was present:

Everyone has a burden to bear. With Us it was the Irish, particularly the bog Irish. We shot them by the dozens, hacked them to bits, blew them up, hung them by the neck, buried them alive, set them on fire, starved them. The next day they were still there and making an enormous racket.

Even the most accomplished bog Irishman is a cannibal with indescribably bad table manners. But they do make for a marvelous anecdote. Albert was particularly amused by this one. We told it over dinner with that annoying German prat, Bismarck, who had been on about the Polacks.

A bog Irishman stumbles to his filthy rat-infested hovel after a day swilling beer at the local bog pub. He discovers his wife in bed with the next door neighbour. The bog Irishman goes to the cupboard and takes out his revolver. He points the gun at his head and cocks the trigger. The wife bursts out laughing. To which the Irishman replies:

- Don’t laugh, you’re next.

Ha, ha. Ha, ha.


Happy New Year from All of Us at TVFP

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