Sunday, April 22, 2012

TVFP: And now a word from our Sponsor: Sharkie's Tonic Juice

Sharkie’s 'Ripping Good' Tonic Juice
The Proven Antidote to Canadian Democracy

Certified Ingredients

Real Ale

(Added bonus: an informative pamphlet on how to balance a cheque book.)

Sharkie’s Tonic Juice is an effective remedy for the malignant disease commonly called Canadian Democracy, also known as


malignantCD is responsible, through its tacit, implicit and overt support of predatory corporations, for acts of genocide and environmental destruction throughout the world and within our own borders.

malignantCD makes heroes out of men and women who ignore the downstream consequences of their activities. Let's not kid around they kill kids, destroy societies and cultures, pervert nation states and you know they ante up a few bucks and have a building wing named after them. Reminds you of the old Catholic perversion, indulgences.

malignantCD promotes the practice of waste, greed and indifference.

malignantCD promotes a lifestyle that is selfish and unsustainable.

malignantCD, through various means, is embarked on the destruction of the Canadian and World environment, the destruction of the Canadian middle class, the destruction of Canadian universal health care and the destruction of the Canadian social net.

malignantCD eventually will kill everything.

In case you’re thinking that nothing can be this stupid. Sorry.

malignantCanadianDemocracy is re-writing the book on stupid.

Sharkie's Tonic Juice comes in both liquid and capsule form.

All serious kidding aside folks, take a break and  please buy a selection of my wildly entertaining short stories. If you're not sure about the short story form, you know, as in well, they're too short, check out the line up, sample a few, buy, they will change your mind.

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