Sunday, June 24, 2012

TVFP Introduces New Security Feature: The Invisible Font

Coming Soon: TVFP, responding to security concerns surrounding the kidnapping of Championship Typist and intrepid adventurer, the ever fragrant Mary Dowser, will be testing a the state of the art anti terrorist application for specialty Blogs.

(There is no new confirmed news regarding the whereabouts of the blossomy odoriferous Ms. Dowser. However there is a rumour that her kidnappers were not wearing clown masks but were actually employees of a Russian oil magnate. Stay tuned.)

Invisi- Font is the trademark name of a new font for sensitive data developed by technicians at the Parkdale Liberation Front’s Advanced Research Facility located at the back of the Rhino on Queen St. West.

According Commander Annie of the PLF, the genesis of the font was an observation of the response of the TTC to real concerns that terrorists might use the common garbage receptacles in the subways to create terror, death and immense suffering. The TTC, to combat the possibility of terror, death and immense suffering declined to remove the garbage receptacles. Instead they switched to see-thru garbage bags. Of course, it’s rush hour. You happen to glance at the waste receptacle and notice that next to the empty Tim Horton’s frosted latte cup there’s a package marked BOMB. You call it in and a catastrophe is averted.

As well in the invisible / transparency department, The Prime Minister and his army of trolls has embarked on a massive prison building project at a time when the crime rate is falling.  Why is the crime rate falling? Social spending. How do they plan to fill those prisons? Cut social spending. That is the transparency or if you like the invisible window through which the innovators over at the Parkdale Liberation Front look upon things.

Coming Soon from the Parkdale Liberation Front


‘If you can’t see it neither can anybody else’

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