Sunday, November 6, 2011

City Hall: The Inside Poop!


City Hall: The Inside Poop!

Chester the Silverback Gorilla interviews City of Toronto Councillor for Ward 7 Giorgio Mammoliti's Brain

Chester:       Sir, maybe I begin with a question from one of my wives?

GMB:          Sure. Ask away.

Chester:       It's about your plan to put a red light district on Toronto Islands, a part of the City that is
                    a popular destination for families with children.

GMB:          Listen, this is a great idea. It's an idea with wings. This is an idea with legs. This is an
                    idea that packs a punch. We're workin' on it. You wouldn't believe how hard we're
                    workin' on it. We're talkin' millions in revenue for the City, maybe build a few
                    playgrounds with the dough.

Chester:       The prostitutes themselves don't like the idea. They see it as an attempt to ghetto-ize the

GMB:          We're talkin' whores here. Who cares what they think!

Chester:       Nevertheless  .  .  .  .

GMB:          Wait a minute! Did you say wives?

Chester:       Yes sir. Great Ape males are polygamous.

GMB:          You are kidding me?

Chester:       No sir.

GMB:          Did you know polygamy is illegal in this country and in every other civilized country   that
                    I know of?

Chester:        I belonged to a species before I belonged to a country.

GMB:          That sounds like commie pinko talk to me.

Chester:       Notwithstanding  .  .  .  .

GMB:          Listen I could have you arrested. Maybe I will. I can tell you I'm going to be looking into
                    this. No way this City is going to support polygamy. We need to sell the Zoo. It's an
                    insult to women.

Chester:       Sir, if we might proceed with the interview!

GMB:          Look, no can do. There's this Lingerie Football game. I got free tickets from the mayor. I
                    know his niece turned chicken. You know those broads need to get with program.
                    Football is a contact sport. We'll do it later. Get in touch with my secretary. Ciao there
                    Chucky and by the way you want to beat on your chest please do it out in the hall. My  
                    secretary, as a woman that I respect,  is sensitive to loud noises.

Occupy Toronto Update:

Norm Kelly, City Councillor for Ward 40, Scarborough wants to clear out St. James Park. He was recently quoted in the media as saying that most Torontonians want them gone. TVFP did a quick Google search:

Pop of Toronto: 2,500,000
Signatories to a petition to remove Occupy from St. James: 32
Occupy Toronto Facebook likes: 14,759

as of 04/11/2011

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