Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Toronto: Learn From the Pros

Joe Pennachetti wrote in his eviction notice: the City can no longer permit the appropriation of St. James Park by a relatively small group of people to the exclusion of all others wishing to use the park and to the detriment of those in the vicinity of the park. In addition, the current use of the park by Occupy Toronto  .  .  .  .  is causing damage to park  .  . .  .

Well, well!

Occupy Toronto has settled on about 3 acres of City parkland near the Toronto Financial District. One might say that its aims are somewhat diffuse however its direction is clearly aimed at corporate malpractice and governmental indifference.

Currently the forestry industry (a relatively small group of people) in collusion with the Provincial Government of Quebec is Occupying land in Northern Quebec the size of Belgium for the purpose of clear cutting timber. This Occupation will adversely, perhaps fatally affect the lives of the regions inhabitants. It will also damage, perhaps fatally, the region's ecosystem.

The forest industry (a relatively small group of people) in collusion with all levels of government Occupies land throughout Canada. Its clear cut logging practices are causing extensive damage to ecosystems, killing off habit and species, depriving people of their health, culture, livelihood and dignity.

Not so long ago the chemical industry (a relatively small group of people) Occupying portions of the city of Sarnia poisoned some people. It was called Minimata disease or mercury poisoning. The poisoning occurred through the contamination of food fish.

The Tar Sands of Alberta (owned by a relatively small group of people) Occupies an area larger than Great Britain. The Tar Sands, clear cut logging and other unsustainable or reckless business practices are depriving people of their health, their culture, livelihood and dignity.

Our governments don't seem to mind.

The tobacco industry (a relatively small group of people)  Occupies the leisure time of about 6 million Canadians. This Occupation is lethal.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Throughout the country relatively small groups of people in collusion with all levels of government Occupy our flesh, our minds, the land under our feet, the air we breath and the water we drink by emitting hundreds of thousands of tonnes of toxic substances into the environment.

Yeah, so:
At the end of the day where do I ride my bike?
Justice David Brown commenting on the Occupy Toronto movement.
Perhaps the Occupy Toronto movement needs to sit down with the men and women who rise every morning with a clear conscience and go forth to kill us and to maim and kill our environment. Often as not this relatively small group people make enormous profits for a relatively small group of people, say about 1% all told. Clearly they are getting away with it.

For further insight into the hypocrisy behind the City's decision to evict Occupy Toronto from St. James Park please read David Schneiderman's article in the Globe and Mail:

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