Sunday, July 29, 2012

TVFP Report: Foreign Strippers Out

The abrogation of work permits for foreign exotic dancers must come as welcome news to the more impoverished areas of the country where jobs are hard to come by. Now your daughter, with her heart set on a university education, but no hope of affording one, can earn top dollar as a stripper in downtown Calgary. She’ll have her tuition paid in no time as well as achieving the daily physical activity requirements as recommend by Health Canada.

Jason Kenny, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, a close Harper toady, sites health and safety concerns at the rationale behind the move. What the Harperites are really doing is targeting victims. It's a proven ineffective ploy and typical of governments with no progressive vision of reform. These unfortunate victims provide the illusion of effective action and moral superiority to the gullible minority (about 33%) necessary to win an election. The dirty business of exploitation goes on as per usual, with a slightly different cast, but the same directors, nothing much changes and hypocrites like Jason Kenny sneer at the rest of us soft on crime, hug-a-thug types who haven't confused the symptoms with the cause.

Apparently the adult entertainment industry is contemplating targeting high school students through recruiting initiatives. They’ll be in good company. Other greed driven, exploitative industries that attempt to lure students into questionable careers include: the petroleum industry, currently engaged in the systematic destruction of great expanses of Northern Alberta, including Native habitat; the mining industry, a world leader in systemic genocide, the forest industry whose clear cut harvesting practices and token reforestation threaten huge tracts of habit and the livelihood of innumerable species.

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