Sunday, January 15, 2012


Reverend Rick the Anglican Rebel

And so the Reverend Rick, yo, yo, yo, hath this to sayeth unto thee from out of his mouth. If thou hath ears,  listen:

Jesus said: I am the reflection of the emptiness that is the root of all things. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift up the stone and you will find me there.1
Now brothers and sisters, before it’s too late, think about your options.

On the one hand you have Satan who wants to be your friend. On the other hand you have Our Lord Jesus Christ who wants to be your saviour.

Let’s say you choose Satan. Satan wants to be your friend. At least he says he does. He even sounds like a friend, maybe your best friend. 
He agrees with everything you do. He concurs with everything you say. His advice sounds just like the advice you’d give yourself.
His dreams are just like your dreams. He feels just what you feel. Who could want a better friend?
Want to clear cut that forest, or dig that open pit mine, well Satan’s got ten reasons why you should and by the time he’s done you’ll feel pretty good about environmental degradation and genocide.
You want to shovel another million tonnes of CO2  into the atmosphere Satan is there to pat you on the back.
What a pal you have in Satan! What a good friend! 
Now say you choose Jesus. Well I say to you now you’re in for some trouble. You see Jesus doesn’t want to be your friend. Jesus doesn’t need friends.
Some of you have hundreds maybe thousands of friends on Facebook. Jesus isn’t on Facebook, or Twitter. Jesus doesn’t own a Blackberry, or an I-Phone.
You get up in the morning and you say I am going to clear cut that forest, or I am going displace those irritating poor people and pollute their rivers and land with an open pit mine. Don’t expect Jesus to hand you the chain saw. Don’t expect Jesus to put on a hard hat.
You want to juice up the C02 level in the atmosphere don’t expect Jesus to hand you the Cuisinart.
Jesus is not your friend. But he might just be your savior.
It’s up to you to choose. If you choose Jesus and the Kingdom of God you might just salvage your decency and the lives of your grandchildren.
If you choose the Kingdom of Satan well then you will surely save yourself and just as surely destroy your grandchildren.
Before it’s too late think about your options.

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1. Jesus’s quote is hybridized from the Gospel of Thomas adapted by Elaine Pagels from the Marvin Mayer translation. From Beyond Belief, by Elaine Pagels.

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